Divine Healing / Andrew Murray



How to be HEALED by God even if doctors say it’s IMPOSSIBLE

It doesn’t matter what your symptoms or your medical conditions are right now, whether it be cancer, diabetes, high blood pressure, or any other sickness which has been said there is no cure for, if you are willing to learn and follow the Gospel’s truths you will be healed. God gave us a wide range of blessings which include not only the opportunity to be saved but to be physically healthy as well. Andrew Murray explains all this in his book, Divine healing. A book that has sold thousands of copies since it was published.

We all have gotten sick at some point in our lives. Even Christians have gotten sick and some have died because of it. But, why would this happen if God has said we all have been healed already? Can a Christian go to the doctor’s or should he/she wait for God’s will to be done? How can we ask God in a prayer for healing and be heard? How long does it take God to answer prayers? Does God punish sinners by giving them a disease? In this book, you can find the answers to these and many other questions you may have about this topic.

In this book you will learn:

1. Bible verses in which you can base your prayer in order to be healed.

2. How to pray to be heard by God and get the answer to your prayer.

3. Why maintaining a constant communion with God is indispensable.

4. Why it is important to forgive and live a Holy life.

5. When is it correct to go to the doctors.

6. Where to get faith to be healed.

7. How many times should one pray in order to be healed.

Andrew Murray, the author of this book, was also sick for a certain period of his life. For more than 2 years he was not able to speak. As soon as he placed his trust in the Divine Doctor, he was not only rewarded by divine healing but with an amazing understanding of this topic about which he talks in his book.

More about Andrew Murray:

·        Son of Scottish parents but born and raised in South Africa (1828-1917).

·        He obtained his theological education in the Netherlands.

·        He went back to South Africa as Pastor and missionary.

·        He’s considered the most influential Christian writer during the XIX century and one of the most influential writers of all time.

·        He wrote more than 240 books and tracks in English and Dutch.

·        His books exceed the two million copies sold.

The time for you to be healed has come. Thousands of people have been healed by understanding God’s will and the main steps that need to be followed to obtain divine healing. God is giving us the opportunity so that we don’t doubt his plans and be able to rejoice in perfect health. Click on the “Buy now” button for you to have the book and be blessed with it.

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